Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Butternut and Chickpea curry

This is a family favourite...

You will need following...
1 Large Butternut - peeled and cubed
2 Sweet potatoes - cubed
4 Potatoes - cubed
1 Onion- chopped
1 tin Chickpeas
1 Brinjal - optional
2 or 3 (4 or 5!)cloves of fresh garlic
Fresh Ginger- finely chopped
Now this is totally up to you...I used a little box of curry mix from Woolworths. -
 Have you seen these? They are great!!
 But really you can use whatever curry you like to give it the taste you enjoy.  

Cut all the veg into bite size cubes - place in an oven dish and spinkle with a little salt and drizzle with some olive oil, add the garlic and fresh ginger - Roast until cooked - firm, not soft!
Mix the curry into the coconut milk or cream and add to the vegies.
Add the chickpeas. (drain the water off first!)
Return to oven and let it cook and combine for about 15 - 20 minutes.
Add additional salt or pepper to taste.

Serve with ...
Poppadums, Fresh Coriander, Basmati Rice and Creme Fraiche...Yum!

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