Saturday, November 10, 2012

Pavement chalk

 My knight loves experiments and anything to do with creating...
so we gave pavement chalk a try...
What fun...
...but be warned!...
it was messy!

You need:
500gr plaster of Paris
Powder paint or ready mixed Liquid tempera paint
ice block trays as moulds 
(any anything that can be used as moulds)
warm water.

I am not one for measuring (as you often see from me recipes - ha!) we poured some plaster of Paris into my knights container and some into his cute sisters container. We then added blue powder paint to his and red to hers, some warm water and they mixed away...
Once it was of 'icing' type consistency, we put in into moulds.
I don't think it is critical how much water you use, the sloppier the mixture, the easier it it is to put into moulds.
Then we added some yellow to what was left in both containers to make orange and green...
mixed away and moulded...
...left in sun to dry out easy and depending on the amount of paint you use, you can get really nice bright colours..
Give it a try, it is worth it..
Our basket of chalk now stays outside and we use it for spelling/ writing practice and just for


  1. Oh this does look like fun! I have often wondered how to make it. Thanks for the awesome recipes before too - we are all chickpea lovers and the burgers you posted looked great. Hope summer has come your way! We are in the dark months now ... at least we will get some sun early next year. Can't wait to see you guys. Lots of love!

  2. Hello, always great to hear from you...yes summer is here ;-) Oooh chickpea burgers soo yummy! and yes chalk is lots of fun to make. Cant wait to see you all to...take a look at art appreciation will recognise some precious faces ;-) love to you XXxx